Terms & Conditions Hub

Welcome to the Ultrafast Fibre Terms and Conditions Hub.
On this page you will find links to our key published terms and conditions.

For Everyone

Privacy Notice

Our privacy notice sets out how we collect, use, store and protect your personal information.

Website Terms of Use

Our website terms of use set out the terms & conditions relating to your use of this website and our chatbot “Giggsy”.

Systems and Data Access Terms of Use

These terms of use set out the conditions of access to our systems and to our data.

Invoice Terms & Conditions

These terms govern the payment conditions relating to an invoice we have issued for:

– Services we have supplied
– Damage costs for repairs.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions (Goods & Services)

These terms govern the supply of goods and services where we issue a purchase order and do not have a separate contract in place with a supplier.

For Developers Only

API Terms of Use

Our API terms of use set out the access conditions for a developer to gain credential to our APIs. 

For Our Customers

End User Terms

These terms apply to the customer who connects to our services via their retail service provider and sets out the terms of use of our network assets and equipment. 

Wholesale Services Agreement

These general terms cover the agreement between Ultrafast Fibre Limited and our retail service providers for the provision of service across our fibre broadband network.