1.0 Wholesale Services Agreement and Documents

The below Reference Offer additions to incorporate the new Input Services are provided in final draft form until 1 January 2020, unless we state otherwise.  We are now going through the process of updating the General Terms to capture the required changes to incorporate the terms on which the Input Services will be supplied.

1.7.1 UFF Price List – Input Services
1.7.2 UFF Service Description – PONFAS
1.7.3 UFF Service Description – Input Direct Fibre Access Service
1.7.4 UFF Operations Manual – Input Direct Fibre Access Services and PONFAS
1.7.5 UFF Service Level Terms – iDFAS and PONFAS (UFB1 Candidate Areas)
1.7.6 UFF Service Description – Input Co-location Service
1.7.7 UFF Operations Manual – Input Co-location Service
1.7.8 UFF Service Level Terms – Input Co-location Service

2.0 Special Offers

From time to time, we run special offers to support our RSPs and their customers. Due to regulation, these offers are not given automatically. Please contact your Ultrafast Fibre Account Manager to sign a side letter to take advantage of the offers. Signed side letters may require Crown Fibre Holdings approval.

NEW! Ultrafast Fibre Premises Networking Factsheet – (Effective 01 August 2019)