When it comes to streaming your favourite videos, movies or box sets without any buffering, or watching your favourite sport live without missing a single moment, Ultrafast Fibre will give you an experience so superior, you’ll wonder why you never connected before!

Nothing streams content as fast and consistently as fibre, so there’s no need to compromise on your favourite online activities. GET FIBRE NOW!




Standard lead times are between 10-15 days from the time you place your order, If you live in an apartment, shared driveway or rental property you may require consent. This can add more time to the fibre ordering process. Find out more about consenting here.

CALCULATING THE TIMER: Standard lead times are between 10-15 days, whilst orders that need consenting add more time. On this basis, the estimate is indicative only. It may be affected by operational factors like changes in productivity and supplier capacity and factors outside of our control like weather events, natural disasters and major unplanned network outages.

For greater accuracy, we will update the tracker with reconciled data each month. This will take into account the volume of orders placed, actual supplier capacity, how we anticipate this will impact installation slots and in turn the number of remaining connections we can complete.


We think fibre broadband is awesome, but don’t just take our word for it.

Consumer NZ says that “If you can get fibre to your home, we recommend doing so. It offers the fastest and most consistent speeds and standard residential installations are currently free.”

You may have heard of other broadband options out there in the market, so we’ve created this quick comparison guide on what sets fibre broadband apart from the rest.

Find out if you can get fibre broadband HERE.