We will be building the Fibre Broadband network from May 2018

Fibre broadband is the BEST way to connect your broadband

Once Ultrafast Fibre have built the fibre broadband network in your street, you can connect and experience fast download and upload speeds, crisp and sharp video calls and reliable connectivity, among other benefits.

Register your interest with Ultrafast Fibre and we’ll keep you up to date with progress on your street and when you can order fibre broadband. Register your interest for FREE by completing the form below.

Ultrafast Fibre Limited is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and we will at all times comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1993 and the Ultrafast Fibre Limited Privacy Policy In relation to any personal information that you provide to Ultrafast Fibre Limited. Ultrafast Fibre Limited confirms that it will disclose the location of its UFB Network to third parties under confidentiality, provided that such network location information will not disclose any information which identifies you personally. In addition, and in order to assist you and the UFB retailers on our network deliver information to you about the benefits of UFB and your options, we would like to share your personal information (which will be limited to your name, your address and your contact phone and email details) so that those UFB retailers may contact you directly – but we cannot do that without your consent. Therefore, please confirm whether you give consent for Ultrafast Fibre Limited to disclose your personal information to telecommunications (broadband and phone) retail service providers on our network to provide you information about the benefits of UFB and your options.

In all other respects, Ultrafast Fibre Limited will keep your personal information confidential at all times; and you may access your personal information held by Ultrafast Fibre Limited at any time.


Can you tell me when Fibre Broadband will be available in my town?

We will be delivering Fibre Broadband to your town from May 2018 and will be finished by June 2019. Please come back to this page regularly as we provide updates in due course. Thank you for your patience.

I’ve heard of Fibre Broadband, but what is it exactly?

As the online world evolves, technology is changing too. Fibre is the BEST way to connect your broadband. Fibre Broadband has the ability to carry tons of information through fibre optic cables at incredibly fast speeds so you can do more online, faster and better than ever before. With the right Fibre Broadband plan to suit your needs, you will experience fast download and upload speeds, crisp and sharp video calls and reliable connectivity, among other benefits.

Why do I want Fibre Broadband if I’m happy with my current broadband connection?

Get the best; get Fibre Broadband. Fibre is the replacement broadband technology for the copper network. Imagine streaming Netflix marathons, seamless Skype calling for your family, playing endless Spotify playlists, watching YouTube clips or booking your next dream AirBnB holiday. Fibre broadband can keep up with your online demands.

How much will it cost to get Fibre Broadband?

A standard Fibre Broadband installation to your home is FREE. You only need to pay for the monthly plan fees from your chosen Fibre Broadband provider (a list of providers can be found on our website).

I have just signed up to an ADSL or VDSL broadband package, can I still order Fibre Broadband?

We recommend you check with your broadband provider that your current broadband package can be upgraded to Fibre Broadband.

I want to know more about Ultrafast Fibre Limited and what ‘Fibre Broadband’ can do for me

For more questions, head to www.ultrafast.co.nz/faq.

Are you a developer or a surveyor?

We regularly work with many developers. If you are a developer or a surveyor and you have any future projects in and around any of the towns listed above, please contact us on build@ultrafast.co.nz and we will get in touch with you.