Wiring is very important for the performance of your broadband, so when you order a fibre service we will send our technicians to you to lay fibre to your ‘door’ and up to 10m of internal wiring inside your property.

However, we understand that sometimes when you are building or renovating it’s easier to wire up your property as you go. So we’ve created a few simple guidelines for your builders and electricians to help them along the way, to ensure your property is ready for fibre Broadband installation.

Fibre Services run over an entirely new network so there are a number of things that need to be done for a new build or renovation. With the correct tools and skills this could also be done in an existing property.

  • Cabling should be a star configuration from a Central Distribution Point – preferably a home distribution box.

  • Copper cabling should be a minimum specifi cation of Cat6.
  • A LSZH micro duct or 20mm PVC conduit (white) should run from the External Termination Point (ETP) – this is the Point Of Entry to the building – to the Central Distribution Point.
  • All clearances between Telecommunications and other services such as Power Cables, Gas and water must be maintained.
  • Installation of the LSZH microduct or 20mm PVC conduit must be done with care and with sweeping bends so that the integrity of the duct is maintained ensuring that it is suitable for UFF installation.
  • For the service lead in duct UFF uses a 7/3.5mm microduct or alternatively can utilise a 20mm duct.
  • This lead in duct is usually installed in an open trench with a minimum depth of 450mm ensuring that regulated clearances are maintained from other underground services.
  • 20mm PVC white conduit can be purchased from any leading electrical wholesaler or DIY store. Alternatively UFF can provide microduct – contact UFF Service Desk.