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The documents below have been formed as part of a joint industry consultation process carried out by Crown Fibre Holdings and the Telecommunications Carriers' Forum. These documents are available for download and future documents will be made available as they are finalised.

For further information, please contact your Ultrafast Fibre Account Manager.

LIT Building List availability

Please contact Paula Singer or the Ultrafast Fibre Service Desk for the latest version of the Ultrafast Fibre LIT building list for Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) and Right of Ways (ROWs). This is a provisional list of MDUs and ROWs where we have completed the connection of a UFB wholesale service to at least one tenancy/premises inside the MDU/ROW.  
The document is subject to the terms of the Disclaimer which can be found within the document.

Network Interoperability Specification
Build Maps
Address Checker Web Tool
Products and Pricing
Regulatory Disclosures
Full Wholesale Services Agreement
UBL Price Caps

Technical Support
Service Desk Escalation Matrix
POI Locations / Handover Ports

Portal Training
How to Order a Bitstream 4 Service
How to Order a DFAS
How to Order a HOP
How to Order a Patch Service
How to Order an Inter-CO Service


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