Retail Service Providers

Become an RSP

If you'd like to partner with us please contact Mike Ryan or phone 0800 FIBRE LTD (0800 342735).

Benefits of partnering with us

  • Our network covers eight cities and towns in the North Island and by 2016 we would have passed about 163,000 addresses, or potential customers for you.
  • Our network build is one of the fastest in the country, which means you can start getting connections and making revenue sooner.
  • We provide free residential installations no matter how far the customers' house is from the boundary.
  • We have a dedicated Marketing Team to ensure your customer receives a great experience when we install their service.
  • We have a fair Reinstatement Policy to ensure your customers are left happy.
  • From time-to-time we have Special Offers to help you boost your customer base or revenue stream.
  • We have Account Managers based in both Auckland and Hamilton, so we are close by wherever you are based.
  • Our Account Managers have years of experience working in open access networks.
  • We have a simple on-boarding process; no mandatory staff training, no mandatory interop testing, so you can start using the network sooner.
  • We keep our bond low to reduce your cost of doing business with us.


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