1.0 Wholesale Services Agreement and Documents

2.0 Special Offers

From time to time, we run special offers to support our RSPs and their customers. Due to regulation, these offers are not given automatically. Please contact your Ultrafast Fibre Account Manager to sign a side letter to take advantage of the offers. Signed side letters may require Crown Fibre Holdings approval.

2.1 Premises Networking – Special Introductory Offer* Now extended until 30th June 2017

On 1 July 2014 Ultrafast Fibre launched a series of Premises Networking services for work beyond the ONT. The new Ancillary Services range from simply getting the Residential Gateway up and running to leaving the End User with a working RGW, phone-line and TV (depending on the Retailer Service Provider’s requirements). Premises Networking is available when ordered with a Bitstream 2 or Bitstream 2 Ultra Wholesale Service only.

Ultrafast Fibre has fixed the special introductory charges for the new Premises Networking services until 30th June 2017.

To order the Premises Networking services and to take advantage of this offer you must sign one of the Offer Letters below.

Premises Networking Offer Letter: Internet Only, Basic Installs and Simple Installs

Please discuss with your Account Manager or the Ultrafast Fibre Product Manager if your commercial requirements differ from those in the above Offer Letters.

* As at the date of this notice the Offer Letters, the Service Description for Premises Networking and the revised Ultrafast Fibre Limited Price List are subject to the approval of Crown Fibre Holdings Limited

2.2 Bitstream 3b Services Trial Offer

This sideletter sets out the terms on which Ultrafast Fibre (UFF) will trial eight new Bitstream 3b service templates (the Trial). If the Trial is successful, UFF expects to make the Bitstream 3b service available as part of UFF’s range of standard Wholesale Services and UFF will make an announcement as soon as reasonably practicable following the receipt of Crown Fibre Holdings’ (CFH) approval for the Bitstream 3b service, or on (or prior to) the completion of the Trial (whichever occurs first).

The Customer may participate in the Trial by signing this letter (the Trial Agreement). The terms of the Reference Offer, as amended from time to time, are deemed to be incorporated into this Trial Agreement by reference.

Ultrafast Fibre Limited Bitstream 3b Trial Letter

4.0 Technical Support

For technical support or order queries, please email the Ultrafast Fibre Service Desk at or phone 0800 342 735

UPDATED! Escalation Matrix Ultrafast Fibre Fulfilment or Assurance escalations