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Education and school's benefits

The use of ultra-fast broadband in schools, polytechs, universities and other educational institutes will transform the way teachers teach and students learn. The 'digital world' is second nature to most young people and ultra-fast broadband will bring the Internet-based technologies students enjoy into the classroom, making learning a richer experience.

The benefits ultra-fast broadband will bring to education include:

  • tangible improvements in numeracy and literacy
  • better student engagement as learning becomes an interactive experience
  • better collaboration and sharing between teachers, parents and students as they access student portfolios and projects stored in the cloud
  • faster, more efficient administrative systems
  • transparent reporting
  • access to Digital Learning Objects (DLOs) by multiple children at once
  • greater opportunities for children with special needs as online learning accelerates students' progress.

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Watch these videos to see how other kiwi kids and schools are benefiting from ultra-fast broadband.


For further information about the benefits ultra-fast broadband offers education and schools, visit Crown Fibre Holdings.

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