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Home broadband benefits

The primary benefits of having ultra-fast home broadband come down to convenience and fun.

Many New Zealanders are looking forward to having ultra-fast home broadband because it opens up a range of entertainment opportunities, including:

  • home-to-home high-definition video conferencing
  • IPTV: allowing for video On Demand, 'catch up' and broadcast TV
  • advanced TV services such as 3D, quad and ultra-high definition
  • online gaming, especially massive multiplayer games, against numerous competitors around the world.

Plus, having fast, seamless home broadband will allow many individuals to work from home as well as other conveniences, such as:

  • being able to receive tele-health applications in the home
  • tapping into seamless educational experiences
  • the ability to use a Wide Area Network at home. This would allow multiple homes (for example across an extended family) to easily store, access and share large amounts of information such as videos and photos
  • easy access to cloud computing applications for game-playing, office applications, online backup and file syncing.

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For more information about the benefits Ultra-Fast Broadband offers in your home, visit  Crown Fibre Holdings.

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